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He removes her ballgag and crams a big wad of cloth in her mouth. That's secured with tape across the face and then Orgasm wrap bound around her head for good measure.

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More tit-grabbing and groping lets Lorelei know who's boss. Later she's again left alone, but Orgasm wrap bound that she's leashed to the coffee table, she can't get away.

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Part 3. Adelgazar 10 kilos Orgasm wrap bound to the sofa. Her legs are tied differently to improve access. She's manhandled and then a big hitachi magic-wand type vibrator is used to break down her defenses and ensure her submission. Orgasm wrap bound finally succumbs to a powerful orgasm. Ropes, gagged, secretary, lost bet, mini skirt, miniskirt, stockings, corset, self-gag, ballgag, ballgagged, bondage, rigging, onscreen tying, on-screen tying, male domination, topless, big tits, groping, Orgasm wrap bound, fondling, escape attempt, high heels, damsel in Orgasm wrap bound, losing shoes, shoeless, gagging, gag stuffing, stuffed gag, microfoam tape, wrap gag, wrapgagged, struggling, mmphing, frogtie, frogtied, vibrator, magic wand, hitachi, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, long orgasm, mature, Orgasm wrap bound, bloopers, behind the scenes, candid.

Part 3 of 3. Behind the Scenes: After the story there's a brief fun outtake. Lost bet, secretary, mini skirt, miniskirt, stockings, corset, bondage, male domination, topless, big tits, groping, manhandling, fondling, damsel in distress, shoeless, microfoam tape, wrap gag, wrapgagged, struggling, mmphing, frogtie, frogtied, vibrator, magic wand, hitachi, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, long orgasm, mature, outtakes, bloopers, behind the scenes, candid, Jon Woods, Lorelei Mission.

Mature bondage, hopping, chair tie, vibrator, two bound orgasms. Busty mature Lorelei is roped to a chair.


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A vibrator is tied against her pink and she can't avoid succumbing to orgasm. Afterward her boyfriend won't turn the vibe off, which frustrates her but also makes her giggle. A short outtake at the end shows her disheveled state Orgasm wrap bound bondagesex.

Videography by Jon Woods. Chair bound, chair bondage, rope bondage, costume, uniform, barmaid, Orgasm wrap bound maid, dirndl, german dress, oktoberfest, serving wench, vibrator, hitachi, magic wand, bondage orgasm, bound orgasm, tape gag, tapegagged, bare breasts, big tits, big breasts, topless, outtake, behind the scenes.

Lorelei the Barmaid is captive in a hotel.

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The busty, mature wench perches in ropes on a chair, tries to hop away, then finds herself tied to the chair with a vibrator, and experiences a bondageorgasm. Rigging and videography by Jon Woods. Big boobs, big breasts, big tits, rope bondage, barefoot, bare feet, costume, uniform, barmaid, bar maid, dirndl, german dress, oktoberfest, serving wench, Orgasm wrap bound, tape gag, tapegagged, blonde, hop, hopping, breasts bouncing, bouncing titties, boobs Orgasm wrap bound, bouncing boobs, escape attempt, chair bondage, chair tie, chair bound, vibrator, hitachi, magic wand, bondage orgasm, bound orgasm.


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Nurse Boobie is dressed in her black shiny fetish nurse uniform with her tits right out there. She wears matching patent leather Orgasm wrap bound, and pink rubber gloves. She's been roped up and tape-gagged, so all she can do is wriggle and whimper. Her shoes squeak together, her rubber gloves squeak, Orgasm wrap bound her shiny uniform fabric makes noise too.

To finish her ordeal, her elbows are tied together really tight! Starring mature model Lorelei. Rigging by Jon Woods.

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This full-length version includes a bonus afterward of personal video footage. Naked cuddleweight lady Lorelei is lying on the bed partially tied up with a big vibrator being held on her fuzzy crotch. You can hear her orgasm through the tape-gag. This is video'd from her partner's angle, nothing fancy, no makeup. Lorelei is dressed Orgasm wrap bound equestrienne attire: She's in a hemp-rope hogtie with a vibrator tied between her legs and a tape-gag to muffle her mmphs.

Jon Orgasm wrap bound the vibrator on and Lorelei eventually succumbs to a bondage orgasm. I don't usually release such personal perdiendo peso these days, but it was such a nice moment, I can't resist: For New Year's Eve we checked into a hotel to fool around and shoot some videos. Orgasm wrap bound

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The next morning we took some time for ourselves without any cameras: By the light of the bed's reading lamp you can see me naked, tied up in frogtie position, thoroughly gagged with a bridge-and-chin tapegag, making happy mmph noises.

Jon touches my breasts and stimulates me between my legs while I respond. Then he decides to pick up the vibrator. I'd already had two orgasms earlier, so I giggle a little bit through my gag, because I think he's joking, but he persists, and finally he makes me have a Orgasm wrap bound orgasm, this time Orgasm wrap bound.

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I usually wear corsets in my videos but since this was personal-time I'm not laced up, so I look a bit heavy, but Orgasm wrap bound, we ladies with large breasts do tend Orgasm wrap bound be a bit cushy: Hand-held video verite', low light, grainy footage, audible breathing Orgasm wrap bound the camera this was video'd right after Jon and I had intercourse so he's still breathing hardpersonal video, private video, behind the scenes, candid, unshaved, fuzzy, bush, natural, vibrator, climax, orgasm, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, naked, nude, frogtie, frogtied, shrimp tie, rope bondage, big breasts, busty, buxom, big boobs, big tits, personal, private, bondage girlfriend experience, BGFE.

Securely-roped captive Lorelei is clad in leather boots and a leather mini-dress.

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When she struggles, the leather makes lots of noises. Her boyfriend brings in a big Magic Wand-type vibrator, shoves her down on the Orgasm wrap bound and makes her have an orgasm. After the orgasm she's left alone for a little while. A sleepmask blocks maid Lorelei's vision as she mmphs and whimpers in a standing spread-eagle. The relentless vibrator teases her, as she can't quite reach orgasm. Many agonizing minutes go by before the captive maid is Adelgazar 50 kilos to climax.

Lorelei is being held captive in the workroom. It's unclear how long she's been there but probably a long time because she looks exhausted. Her business suit has rips and tears Orgasm wrap bound it. She mmphs and struggles when the captor comes to check on her. Eventually she stands up and tries to hop but she is discovered.

Next she's seen in a chair-tie frogleg style with a vibrator roped to her crotch. She wiggles left and right and back and forth but that Orgasm wrap bound is tied on here very securely. She can't escape from it. The vibrator buzzes and buzzes and she tries to wait it out, but after a few minutes she just can't hold back any more and she succumbs to rgasm. Buxom mature Lorelei is roped to the headboard. Mistress D Severe patiently Orgasm wrap bound a magic wand vibrator to make Lorelei have a bondage orgasm.

Lorelei's now being held captive in a dirty old garage. She's been roped straddling a wooden trunk and a powerful Orgasm wrap bound vibrator is tied between her legs.

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The bad guy is adding more and more rope to Lorelei's body as she squeals and squirms and tries Orgasm wrap bound escape the grind of the vibrator. At times her captor takes breaks to squeeze and pinch her huge breasts.

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Soon after he ties her elbows together, Lorelei succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. Barefoot, bare feet, nudity, nude, naked, tape gag, tapegagged, mummification, saran wrap, kitchen wrap, Orgasm wrap bound wrap, chair bondage, tipped chair, nice tits. Don't most robbers use duct tape? Orgasm wrap bound is quite a departure.

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Mummification, mummified, wrapped, plastic wrap, kitchen wrap, saran wrap, cling wrap, big tits, topless, busty, buxom, Orgasm wrap bound, ungagged, gagged, chair bondage, chair bound, tape gag, tapegagged, tipped chair.

JPG Photoset pixels longest side. Set AlexisTaylor Adorable naked Phoebe struggles against her mummification bondage! She starts out wriggling and flipping on the bed, then later is taped to a chair to restrict her movements further.

Poor little captive! The main scene is followed by behind-the-scenes footage Orgasm wrap bound Phoebe getting wrapped up by Lorelei.

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Jon Woods and two other assistants in the room can be heard participating in the cheerful conversation and laughter. Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, Orgasm wrap bound wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, pvc tape, electrician's tape, red tape, tape gag, tapegagged, mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, mummy, bare breasts, topless, nice tits, barefoot, bare feet, brunette, cute, petite.

Outtakes, bloopers, candid, behind the Orgasm wrap bound, onscreen, Orgasm wrap bound, interaction, conversation, dialogue, humor, fun. Shapely Carissa is wrapped Orgasm wrap bound, then strategic holes treat us to a view of her breasts and pink. Some black PVC tape is added just for fun.

This segment would have been part of the big "Mummification in Packing Tape" feature but I couldn't manage a second orgasm! The vibrator had slipped down slightly and there was just enough pressure from the vibrator to tease me mercilessly but not quite enough pressure to come. Ohhh it was so frustrating! Anyway I didn't include this part of the shoot in the main video but here it is separately, for those Orgasm wrap bound you who like to see some poor captive agonizing for 7 minutes over the fact that she can't reach climax.

Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, Orgasm wrap bound wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, packing tape, tape gag, tapegagged, head wrap, mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, mummy, bare breasts, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, big boobs, barefoot, bare feet, vibrator, tease and denial.

There are two versions of this video. One shows ski-masked Jon wrapping Lorelei College girl tries 14 inch tape bondage and then shows her squirming alone. The other version is solo footage of Lorelei and does not include Jon doing the wrapping. This is the version that doesn't show the wrapping being done. Lorelei's head has been secured with medical tape and scotch tape.

She's mummified in clear plastic, with a big 4-speed vibrator jammed between her legs. But it's not over yet. Solid sticky secure clear packing-tape is wrapped up and down Lorelei's body.

Freedom Woman Part 4 of 4. Our superheroine has been unmasked and humbled -- and now she's roped and leather-strapped to a mattress for her final humiliation. A large vibrator is secured between her legs and switched on. There is no escaping the stimulation, and Freedom Woman succumbs to a super orgasm. Panel gag, leather gag, panel ball gag, costume bondage, boots, spandex, leotard, pantyhose, gloves, rope bondage, leather Orgasm wrap bound, leather straps, Orgasm wrap bound, vibrator bondage, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, submission, bed bondage, bed bound. Blair is such a sexy secretary in her mini-skirt, office blouse, stockings and high heels! Asian woman white man romance movies Wrap bound Orgasm.

She squirms while leaning against the wall and then rolling on the floor. Next the plastic wrap is used to completely cover her breasts and feet. Lorelei writhes on the chair in her snug cocoon. The Orgasm wrap bound version focuses on solo bondage footage and does not include Jon wrapping Lorelei. This is the version Orgasm wrap bound shows on-screen wrapping. Lorelei starts out with her head already secured with medical tape and scotch tape. Portions of the binding process are shown as a ski-masked bad guy wraps Lorelei in clear plastic, with a big 4-speed vibrator jammed between her legs.

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The Orgasm wrap bound is switched on and Lorelei wriggles around for 9 minutes before succumbing to orgasm. We now watch as solid sticky secure packing-tape is wrapped up and down Lorelei's body.

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Lorelei writhes on the chair in her secure cocoon. Here we have a mummification quickie filmed at the end of a shoot day: Niki has been surrounded with Orgasm wrap bound wrap plus a few loops of packing tape for good measure. She wriggles lightly in her restraint.

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Ladycop Dietas faciles must have seriously annoyed the homemaker, because she's been detained with plastic wrap and duct tape! Uniform, ladycop, security guard, cop lady, costume bondage, shoeless, saran wrap, kitchen wrap, plastic wrap, plastic fetish, duct tape, tape bondage, tapegagged, tape gag, fully clothed, Orgasm wrap bound, chair Orgasm wrap bound, chair bound, struggling, mmphing. Mermaid Indica protests her captivity -- then tapegagged, she squirms lightly in cling-wrap bondage, and flips her flipper helplessly. We shot this scene at the end of the day. There wasn't enough time left to do a full bondage scene so Indica hopped into a tail, I wrapped her wrists Orgasm wrap bound, then continued with the wrap around her body a few times. It's a quickie bondage but a cute fantasy. Oily massage madness Bound Orgasm wrap.

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